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The amazing thing about chiropractic work is that it stretches well beyond the obvious of dealing with accident prone or age related physical injuries. And what has also been mentioned is that the chiropractor hillsboro or clinic is also available to treat patients or clients to a full body massage should they so choose. This means too of course that one does not require a prescription from a specialist practitioner or general practitioner to pay the chiropractor a visit. You are within your rights to visit the clinic of your own accord.

But still, it will remain ideal if you are arriving after the express diagnosis has been made. The chiropractor may be seen as something of a miracle worker but of course, he is not omnipotent and cannot be in a position to diagnose all kinds of diseases, injuries or illnesses. And among all the injuries, illnesses, diseases and symptoms the chiropractor is able to successfully treat is that of vertigo. What do you know? Vertigo is a fear or phobia of heights or confined spaces even. The sensation often felt is that of dizziness.  

Another sensation is that of feeling as if you are going to faint. You may also feel as though the whole room you are in is spinning around you. Earlier it was remarked that the chiropractor is not really in a position to play God. But he is in a position to diagnose the phenomena of vertigo or any other head-spinning illness you may be experiencing. And after that, of course, he is able to prescribe hands-on treatment, quite literally so, and with little need to resort to prescribed chemically induced drugs or medications which may or may not work and very often produce side effects among vulnerable patients.