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Enlarged prostate is a health concern that affects thousands of men across the country. An enlarged prostate is a very serious matter that a man should not ignore.  It causes trouble going to the bathroom on top of embarrassment, pain, and other symptoms that harbor life in a multitude of ways.

Many signs indicate trouble with the prostate that shouldn’t be ignored if you value your good health and peace of mind. Make sure to maintain regular doctor visits and to schedule a prostate screening to reduce your risk of developing this condition and take heed if the symptoms indicate a problem. It’s pretty hard to ignore many of the problems that come along with an enlarged prostate.

Do I Have an Enlarged Prostate?

Signs of an enlarged prostate that shouldn’t be ignored:

·    Restricted urine flow

·    Painful urine flow

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·    Can’t empty bladder

·    Frequent urination occurring every two hours or less

·    Weak urine stream

·    Inability to hold urine

·    Waking up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom

·    Urges to strain when urinating

The signs listed here are among the many that indicate an enlarged prostate. This is not a complete list of signs and symptoms, however, so you may also experience symptoms that aren’t on this list. You may experience one or more of these signs with an enlarged prostate problem. It is painful and affects your life in many ways. Don’t ignore the signs if they’re present.

What Happens if I Have an Enlarged Prostate?

When you visit the doctor for an enlarged prostate, He’ll first make an appropriate diagnosis. If it is determined this is an issue bothering your health, the doctor has a range of treatment options available. Most commonly used is the bph laser treatment. This non-invasive procedure is preferred by many men and could very well suit your needs as well.